March 12, 2011

Waves overhead.

     I was surfing the Net yesterday to find out exact information about magnitude of the earthquake and height of tsunami waves in Japan. But soon I realized that figures wouldn't show the scale of this catastrophe better than the photo reports.

     The other disaster is some people's reactions. Making fun of the tragedy by asking if the catastrophe in Japan would have any influence on apocalyptic themes in anime — how do you like it!
     Idiotic jokes — bliss of idiots. You know, if they want to mock, they can open their mouths even in tsunami wave, only the joke will end with bubbles on the water surface.
     Of course, life would be a bit more boring and monotonous without madmen. But on the other hand, what if their stupidity provokes fury of Mother Nature, huh?

     Depressed whiners (who are always howling about the apocalypse) deserve no praise either. Well, it is unpleasant that this disaster has happened not long before the infamous 2012. So what?
     I don't even want to comment on this. If an earthquake of weeping can't kill those whiners, let tsunami of their own sniffles take them away from here.

March 8, 2011

hell O

well, I'm drunk but this is not the main reason why I've started up this blog
I hope