May 14, 2014

These situations

Me and the hostage,
We were trying to save our friendship.
Me on the rough edge,
I was looking into your seas, they were so deep.

May 11, 2014

Day of no birth

When our souls turn into gas,
A housekeeper will bury us.
He’s the perfect gentleman,
The owner of hell’s frying pans.

February 15, 2014

Independence + Escapism

There is a band called Outfit.

I love their music.

Clash magazine also loves their music and calls them "refreshingly formidable". Moreover, there are such words as "psychedelia", "euphoria" and "melancholia" in a review of Outfit's debut album. Go here if you are intrigued.

What's more? I've made a video. The lyrics for this song were described as "a dreamy vision of independence and escapism". Load and feel it.

The video for "The Great Outdoors" was inspired by insects using gears to coordinate their legs when jumping. Go here if you are intrigued.

Outfit - The Great Outdoors (Unofficial Video) from deervladimir on Vimeo.

February 11, 2014

A coin of life

What are we doing? First, we are talking about making money and after that we are making money. Finding out new ways to make money. Then finding out newer ways to make money. Then finding out the newest ways to make money. Finding out that money cheapen and trying to calm down ourselves by making more money.

What if we replace all words with "money"? Money, moneying, moneyed, moneyable, moneyful, moneyly.

What are we doing? We are setting goals. We are taking aims. Money is for reaching the goals, money is for succeeding. Money is for healing wounds. We've got too deep into money fever. Money maniacs. Ways to lonely aims are just getting longer. Years pass by. Our goals can wait to infinity.

Much was said about it but it is never enough for us to be full, to be satisfied or to be fed up.

Hectic life-spending. Waste of world. Like living in the hope of blackout.

February 7, 2014


Double toilets?
Holes in sidewalks?
Terrible translation?
Plastic bottles of gin instead of mineral water?
Broken lifts, no heating and hotel rooms are still not ready?

Russia could seem uncomfortable, weird, hilarious, uncivil, unfriendly, chaotic et cetera. I see!

But the main problem with Sochi Olympics is politics.

Our perception of the Olympic Games is politicized. Our attitude towards Russia is prejudged and politicized. Both domestically and outside Russia.

Scandalous laws, violated human rights, strained relationships with European Union and the USA and also the concept of the Olympic Games in Russia as a confirmation of Russia's global power status. All of that had affected the image of Sochi Olympics.

Many of us do not perceive Sochi Olympics just as sports but as an event that could clear up the image of Russia, improve the brand called "Russia" and impact positively on global politics. This may sound too complicated but still this is the case. The trick is that you sometimes think this way but may not notice it.

The way of thinking I've described could be successful. Unfortunately, Russia's social and political background is negative and misrepresented. This is the reason of too high expectations and different stereotypes and personal opinions (that can transform from personal to public with help of media) that do not correspond to the reality.

Reality is that Russia is not prepared to hold global events perfectly. There are definite domestic reasons why we are unprepared. 

But do not extend your preconceived opinions to all russians. In this case proving that we are not weird, hilarious, uncivil, unfriendly is just senseless and ineffective. This is a simple truth that happens to be beyond somebody's understanding.

July 3, 2013

A distorted experience

 To cut a long story short: Alice Glass from Crystal Castles wasn't able to come to Park Live festival in Moscow last weekend. However, this won't distract me from traveling through and around her image.

 Right! Wishing Alice to get well soon and welcoming you to dynamic psychedelia. This is a fine part of my perception.

Crystal Castles — Kerosene (Unofficial Video) from deervldmr on Vimeo.

January 6, 2013

Starring flesh and heaven

Revealing myself in gratefulness for all melancholy, silent worries, glowing thinkings and dark uproarious pleasure that Crystal Castles presented me.

Video: by me // Audio: Crystal Castles — Child I Will Hurt You