February 11, 2014

A coin of life

What are we doing? First, we are talking about making money and after that we are making money. Finding out new ways to make money. Then finding out newer ways to make money. Then finding out the newest ways to make money. Finding out that money cheapen and trying to calm down ourselves by making more money.

What if we replace all words with "money"? Money, moneying, moneyed, moneyable, moneyful, moneyly.

What are we doing? We are setting goals. We are taking aims. Money is for reaching the goals, money is for succeeding. Money is for healing wounds. We've got too deep into money fever. Money maniacs. Ways to lonely aims are just getting longer. Years pass by. Our goals can wait to infinity.

Much was said about it but it is never enough for us to be full, to be satisfied or to be fed up.

Hectic life-spending. Waste of world. Like living in the hope of blackout.

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