September 27, 2012

Familiar disappointment by Crystal Castles

The feeling that I'm used to do battles with.
"Oppression is a theme, in general… A lot of bad things have happened to people close to me since II and it's profoundly influenced my writing as I've realized there will never be justice for them. I didn't think I could lose faith in humanity any more than I already had, but after witnessing some things, it feels like the world is a dystopia where victims don't get justice and corruption prevails. I'm one step away from being a vigilante to protect people and bring justice to the people I love. I've thought about it." 
Alice Glass

September 25, 2012

Yours sincerely, weird nun

The sun was unnaturally blood red.

"You see, politics has spoilt you," she said.
"I should've paid for my majesty," I gave a deep sigh. "So I've paid. No drugs, no cigarettes, no random affairs, well, some alcohol and some sleepless nights. And lot's, lot's of politics all over it."
"You've missed your chance to be original, sorry," she sneered and made haste to turn away.