April 28, 2011

Hitler heat.

"He killed approx 11 million people, to include 6 million Jews. If anyone should have their birthday forgotten, it's Adolf Hitler."
Eight days ago this phrase was trending in twitter.
Eight days ago it was the day of Hitler's birth.

The second part of this tweet was considered to be strong and solid. Strange thing, but I can't agree with it.

Of course, this thought is deep enough (although "depth" is not that usual for trending tweets). Forgetting his date of birth means forgetting Hitler himself. As a person who had never had a birthday so he had never existed. An emotional and catchy way to express your hate for A.H.
That phrase got thousands of retweets. These thousands were a solid reminder, not a monotonous "hypnotism" so as we could forget Hitler. Indifference is a more efficient way to forget anything.
But not in that case. I feel that today there is an incredible obsession with everything wicked and disastrous (Hitler in particular, even if mocking him or so). Talking about peace and harmony in public but adoring evil in secret.

It is no wonder that lots of people love finding fun or beauty in vicious things. Especially nowadays, when there is a certain tension in the air (fear of catastrophes and wars, that causes perversion in people's tastes and preferences). That's why such personalities as Adolf Hitler won't be forgotten.
Furthermore, by saying "Let's forget A.H., let him drown in clouds of history dust!" we mean ignoring his deeds. That's why such personalities as Adolf Hitler mustn't be forgotten. Forgetting him equals neglecting those 11 million of victims, mentioned in that trending tweet which was considered to be strong and solid. Strange thing, but I can't agree with it. Really? Nothing strange.

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